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Statement of Solidarity

To SRF supporters, grant recipients, applicants, and friends:

We are saddened and enraged by the news of the brutal deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police, the death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and the attempted framing of Christian Cooper in New York. These acts of violence, among so many others, are a direct result of the systemic racism and culture of white supremacy inherent in American society. And as we all know, these problems exist on the global stage and affect people of color everywhere. Black lives are in real, constant, peril.

This must stop.

Source Research Foundation’s mission is to connect and inspire students in psychedelic science – many of whom are currently on the front lines protesting in cities across the United States. Students have led social change movements throughout history, including the relatively recent progress in drug policy reform that SRF and the psychedelic movement benefit from. We stand with students, we stand with Black people, and we stand with all allies working tirelessly to enact social change.

Our SRF family of grant recipients, board members, and committee members includes many different identities and backgrounds including people of color, women, and sexual orientation minorities. We are aware that SRF sits at the nexus of two predominantly white spaces – academia and psychedelic philanthropy – and we are growing in our understanding of how to actively support the Black community and other marginalized young students and scientists. As a foundation we also recognize the contribution that people of color have historically made and acknowledge plant medicine teachings regarding connection, oneness, affection, and unification beyond our own race.

Our organization has been successful in recruiting diverse board members and have been committed to recruiting diverse grant applicants to promote inclusivity and equality.

But we can do more.

Today, we are excited to announce the development of two new grants specifically for people of color:

1. The Psychedelic Student Researchers of Color Award. This award will provide dedicated research funds to support students of color who conduct studies related to psychedelics. Preferred topics will include studies that involve diverse communities or community-based participatory aims. This award will be provided each year as part of our broader research grand call for applications.


2. The Community Members of Color Award. This award will provide support to people of color who seek funds to community projects that involve bridging psychedelic science to communities of color.

We know that this is not enough to make large scale change in society, but it is our first step to support such changes in America and countries around the globe.

In closing, Black Lives Matter. To our supporters and our community members who are Black: We hear you, we see you, we grieve with you, we stand with you!

In solidarity with change,
Source Research Foundation

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